Anonymous asked:

You're one of those annoying ass bitches that has to always post a picture of their new tattoo every single day. We fucking get it. Please take the time to get over yourself. Your tattoo is not that special according to the 62719000 other people in the world that have the SAME mandalas tattoos. Dumb bitch.

You’re one of those annoying ass bitches who’s opinion means jack shit because they can’t say this off anonymous like how do you survive in the real world? Oh wait that’s it you probably don’t so you take to the internet spreading your shitty vibes because you just have a shitty life. I never get to see my tattoo so yes I’m going to like taking pictures of it how silly and my tattoo hasn’t just came off the internet it was drawn infront of me so no one does have the same one baby. Why is it even a issue someone posting a beautiful tattoo??? If someone goes and gets something and it’s lush then yes bitch I want to see how proud you are to have that on you for the rest of your life! God you seriously need to lighten up and just leave my blog, I have no time for party poopers