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I just want to go on holiday somewhere hot so I can pretty much live all day and night in cute bikinis while drinking long island iced tea’s

The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)


Apparently people who use a lot of swear words have been proven to be more honest and trustworthy so I guess I’m one of the most honest/trustworthy people ever

necromancer-666 asked: Keep on laughing darling ;)



Sorry I couldn’t hear your slut shaming mouth over how good I look, haha bye x


Bev Robinson was one of the first women in Australia to be heavily tattooed and toured the country as Cindy Ray, “the classy lassie with the tattooed chassis”, in the 1960s. Most of her working life has been spent tattooing others.

Is there anything more pathetic than telling a girl she needs to shave

Its cool if you do shave everywhere all the time and its cool if you don’t but what isn’t cool is telling people they need to or shaming body hair when its the most natural thing ever so shut up

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